Careers for NT Types: ENTJ, ENTP, INTJ and INTP

So you've taken the free career assessment personality test and you want to know what careers will fit you better? If so, you've come to the right place. Based on the empirical work of Isabel Briggs Myers, as well as later research by, we are pleased to be able to offer you the following overview of typical careers for the four NT types.

This page shows careers for the four NT types: ENTJ, ENTP, INTJ, and INTP. All NT types have the virtues of rationality, knowledge, competence, and the ability to be very analytical. ENTJs and INTJs tend to have great organizational talents as well. ENTPs and INTPs are more analytical and purely intellectual.

ENTJ Careers

ENTJs have many organizational and leadership abilities and they are genuinely good at organizing people and processes. Their values and ideas about how things should be organized are such that they tend to immediately see how a given challenge should be met. ENTJs are natural leaders and have an easy time rising to the top at work. ENTJs dislike bad organization and incompetent slackers and it is not unknown for an ENTJ to administer a fierce round of ass-kicking to anyone who doesn't do their job properly. ENTJs analyze everything according to objective criteria. They are hard-headed and visionary and there are few things they cannot do. ENTJs know what they can do and they know what other people need to be doing. They are master organizers. They are thorough and they want to see things get done before they rise to meet the next challenge. An ENTJ is a force of nature - a boon to any organization because they are so competent.

ENTP Careers

ENTPs are very clever and good with words and snappy arguments. No matter how well you seem to nail them to the wall, they always creep out from under with an unexpected flashy argument that no one had thought of before. ENTPs are very easily bored and like to start arguments to entertain their curiosity. They may also argue both sides of a case just for fun. They love to get acquainted with new ideas and possibilities and they are possibly the most innovative type of all the 16 types. But their brain is constantly on overdrive, so they tend to burn out or not be able to complete all of the wonderful and ingenuous projects that they start. That's too bad for the world, for ENTPs really are visionary.

INTJ Careers

INTJs are extremely resolute and stubborn. They are very visionary and make plans stretching for years into the future. They are really convinced that they are always right and most of the time, they are. INTJs are intensely focused on the future, not on the past, so they are not bound to share the ENTP's and the INTP's love of history or abstract thinking for its own sake. INTJs are intense and have a tunnel vision where they focus relentlessly on their own ideas, which are often ingenuous and visionary. Other types had best get out of the way because anyone who opposes the INTJ's plan will be subjected to a logical pummelling where they are flattened by the logical cogency of the INTJ's superior insight into his own plans.

INTP Careers

INTPs are absent-minded professorial systems theorists. They are very intellectual and good at delving into complex problems and coming up with ingenuous solutions that nobody had ever thought about before. Famous INTPs like Darwin and Einstein have changed our world so that everyone alive today owes something to the abstract thought of an INTP. Still, people do not always recognize the full merits of an INTP in their day-to-day lives as INTPs go around being somewhat remote to the immediacies of everyday living. Still, they are very logical, rational, and analytical and others would do well to listen when an INTP speaks on issues on which he is an expert. As far as dispassionate experts go, they don't come any finer than the INTP.

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